Joni Cook

MECS and designing Energy Access courses for African Universities – the Learning Partnership Workshop in Nairobi.

13th August 19, Post, Posted by

By Dr Jon Cloke Since the roll-out of the MECS programme earlier in 2019, a range of different opportunities have…

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Plant power: conference insights into innovative research directions relating to bioenergy as a renewable resource.

11th August 19, Post, Posted by

By Dr Joni Cook What is the scale of the potential for ubiquitous native desert succulents and invasive alien plant…

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Ashden Awards ceremony 2019

09th July 19, Post, Posted by

By Dr Simon Batchelor The Ashden Awards are a great way of promoting the new approaches that are so vital…

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The cook is a carrier of the practice

11th June 19, Post, Posted by

By Dr Meron Tesfamichael. June 2019. During a visit to Uganda, Meron Tesfamichael from STEaPP UCL, was asked to comment…

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Weak Grids

04th June 19, Post, Posted by

By Dr Nigel Scott, Gamos Khayelitsha, South Africa, 2002. Copyright, N Scott. At the recent LCEDN conference, Ben Campbell described…

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